An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

* Tricot / Afghan Hook
Used for Tricot, Afghan or "Tunesian" crochet. Hooks are 14" long and have a crochet hook on each end. Available in sizes "G" smallest to "K" largest. (SU24) $4.50 Order Item

CN73 * "Amour" Crochet Hook Gift Set With Case
Complete set of 10 hooks in a collector case. (CN73) $90.50 Order Item

CN72 * "Amour" Crochet Hook Set
Complete set of 10 hooks, sizes B-J. (CN72) $73.50 Order Item

CN58 * Clover "Amour" Crochet Hooks
A unique ergonomic crochet hook with elastomer rubber handle for comfort. Each size has a distinct color for easy identification. Available in 10 sizes (B - J) (CN58) $8.00 Order Item

CN81 * "Amour" Steel Crochet Hooks
A unique ergonomic crochet hook with elastomer rubber handle for comfort. Each size has a distinct color for easy identification. Available in 7 sizes (0 - 12) (CN81) $9.00 Order Item

BN36 * Boye "Crochet Master" Set
Includeds 24 hooks, 16 steel in sizes fro 00 - 14 and 8 aluminum sizes D-K in a zippered carrying case. Hooks marked in mm / No / Letter. (BN36) $39.00 Order Item

* Presentation Box For Abalone Crochet Hook
A clear molded plastic hinged lid box, approximately 2.5" x 6" x 1/2" with foam cushioning pad. For presentation or gift of the beautiful curved abalone crochet hooks. (TS61) $2.50 Order Item

* "2-Way" Crochet Hooks
Double ended 10" straight shaft crochet hook available in small sizes #4-#00 (LF37) $3.50 Order Item ; medium sizes #G-K (SU56) $3.25 Order Item and large sizes #P-Q (SU57) $4.00 Order Item

* "2-Way" Crochet Hook Set
A set of (4) 10" double ended crochet hooks, #4 (2mm) , #1 (2.5mm) , #0/D (3mm) and #00/E (3.5mm) for "Crochet On the Double." (LF23) $10.00 Order Item

"2-Way" Crochet Hooks For Cable Attachment
A pair of 5" hooks with a threaded insert for attachment to cable set LF31 or "Boye" "Needlemaster" flexible cables, enabling the hooks to swivel while allowing the creation of single or double end Afghan needles of virtually any length. (LF29) $15.00 Order Item

Afghan "On-The-Double" Swivel Hooks
A pair of 7.5" hooks connected by a fixed cable with a total length of 34". The hooks connect to the cable with a swivel allowing free rotation and a joy to use. Available in G, H or K. Made by Annie's Attic. (AA68) $16.00 Order Item

* Afghan Cable Hooks
Hooks on both ends. (SU65) $9.55 Order Item

Afghan Cable Hook, Custom Size
A single hook with attached 12" cable. Rosewood from 5mm. See LF31 for additional cables. (LH51) $20.00 Order Item

* Afghan Crochet Hooks, 10"
Hooks on both ends. (SU56) $3.25 Order Item

* Afghan Crochet Hooks, 10"
Hooks on both ends. (SU57) $4.00 Order Item

Afghan Flex Hk: 2/A X 24" #541 (RP98) $8.00 Order Item

Afghan Flex Hk: 4/G X 24" #541 4mm (RQ08) $8.00 Order Item

* Flexible Bodkin
A unique tool to feed ribbons and cords through lace and tubes. (BN24) $2.25 Order Item

LF91 Broomstick Crochet Rod
A notched round ended rod, 12" long for broomstick crochet techniques. (LF91) $10.00 Order Item

GB94 * Bullion Crochet Hook
A #9 1.4mm x 3.5" stainless steel recesed crochet hook with ebony handle. (GB94) $10.00 Order Item

LF73 * Crochet Bullion Hooks
These are fine inline steel crochet hooks with depressed hook to facilitate the withdrawl of wrapped threads. Set in a bone or rosewood handle with directional flat they are available in crochet hook equivalent sizes of #10 (1.20mm) , 11 (1.10mm) , 12 (1.00mm) and 15 (.70mm) . (LF73) $12.00 Order Item

* Cable Set For "Needlemaster" Knitting Needles and "2-Way" Crochet Hooks
Set of (3) 12" nylon cables, (2) couplers for joining cables, (2) fastening keys and (2) end buttons. For use with "2-Way" threaded end Crochet Hooks LF29 for Afghan and Tricot crochet. Allows creation of hooks from 17" to 41" (LF31) $15.00 Order Item

BN23 * Comfort Cushion
A resilient 3.7" sleeve which will fit over most steel or aluminum crochet hook to reduce stress on the hand. Can be cut to any length. Small: Needles to 4mm; Large: Needles 5-6.5mm () $8.50 Order Item BN23 () $8.50 Order Item (BN23) $2.70 Order Item

RP48 Hairpin Crochet Frame
For Hairpin or Maltese lace, these are square corner "U" frames, 6" long with a removeable spacer bar. Available in widths of 70, 80 and 100mm (RP48) $5.50 Order Item

Crochet Hook, "Knit Light" By Clover
Color identified, the point lites by a simple switch. Ideal for working in the dark areas and working with dark yarns. Batteries included. Available in 9 sizes frm C, D, E, I, J, K. (CL31) $8.00 Order Item

SU69 * "Crystalite" Crochet Hooks
Clear, resilient, colorful plastic hooks for comfort and ease of working. (SU69) $1.85 Order Item

* Cro Hk, "Crystalite" M/N/P Ea (SU70) $2.80 Order Item

CM29 * Clover "Soft Touch" Crochet Hooks
Steel hook with a resilient comfort handle. (CM29) $7.30 Order Item

LD94 * Crochet Hook, 2-Size, Double End
Standard length crochet hook with different sizre hook on each end. 2.0-6.0mm Aluminum. 6 different hooks. 5 1/4" long. (LD94) $6.00 Order Item

TM34 * Crochet Hook, 2-Size, Double End, Cushioned
Cushioned grip, standard length crochet hook with different sizre hook on each end. Coimes with cap to coven the end not being used. .75-1.75mm Steel, 2.0-6.0mm Aluminum. Triangular cushion grips of different colors for easy identification. 8 different hook pairs available from .75mm (#15) - 6mm (J) (TM34) $16.00 Order Item

RQ41 * Bamboo Crochet Hooks
Hooks available in E/3.5mm, G/4.00mm, 7/4.5mm, H/5mm, I/5.5mm, J/6.0mm, K/6.5mm. (RQ41) $5.30 Order Item

* Cro Hk, 6" Bamboo, L, M & N /ea (RQ50) $7.50 Order Item

Cro Hk, 8" Wood, T(15mm), U(19mm) /ea (RQ51) $11.50 Order Item

TS42 Crochet Hook, Shell
From Abalone shell, these finely finished curved hooks are a delight to use. Available in 16 sizes: B,C,D,E,F,7,H,I,K,L,M,N,O,P (TS42) $14.00 Order Item Sold individually.

* Aluminum Crochet Hooks
Larger size hooks in hardened aluminum. Available in 3.00mm/D, 3.50mm/E and 4.00mm/G (SU73) $2.30 Order Item

Cro Hk, Antique; Steel (CR010) $15.00 Order Item

Bamboo Crochet Hooks
5.75". Approx equivalents: 2/#4 Steel, 2.5/B, 3/C, 3.5/E, 4/G, 4.5/7, 5/H (RQ44) $7.00 Order Item

LV05 * Bone Crochet Hooks
Sized bone hooks in 2 styles: Bone-X, pointed end (LV05) $8.00 Order Item and Bone-Y, rounded end (LV07) $8.00 Order Item Available in 16 sizes A,B,C,D,E,F,G,7,H,I,J,K, L,M,N, P. Sold individually.

* Cro Hk, Bone-Y; A-O /ea (LV07) $8.00 Order Item

Cro Hk, Bone; #d-E Unsized (IN23) $7.00 Order Item

LB53 * Bullion Crochet Hook
For making bullion crochet stitches and Tatting-crochet (Cro-Tat) (instructions included) . 2.5mm (1) , 3.0mmm (3) 3.5mm (4) & 4.0mm (5) with bone or Ebony handle. (LB53) $10.00 Order Item . See GB94 for 1.4mm stainless steel hook

TT29 * Ebony Crochet Hooks
Fine 7" natural rubbed finish in-line ebony hooks with double indent. Available in 14 sizes from E - S. (TT29) $10.00 Order Item

LC12 * Ergonomic Crochet Hooks
Available in sizes E, F, and 7, these hooks offer a new comfort in crocheting, minimizing wrist strain. They require no flats, permitting bullion techniques. (LC12) $3.00 Order Item

RP05 Handle Crochet Hooks
These are the traditional European steel crochet hooks. Each hook is formed from a round shaft which in turn is set into a plastic handle. Smaller sizes, up to 1.75mm are steel and come come with a protective sheath; 2.00mm and larger are aluminum. The larger sizes are suitable for rug hooking. INOX, made in Germany. Marked in mm sizes; .60mm/14, .75mm/13, 1.50mm/8, 1.75mm/6. Closest US size is shown following slash "/". (RP05) $4.00 Order Item

* Cro Hk, Lace; w/sheath; .40mm (#16) (VB01) $4.50 Order Item

* Steel Super Fine Crochet Hooks
The finest commercially available steel crochet hooks 0.50 mm/#15 (LC41) $4.00 Order Item and 0.40mm/#16 (VB01) $4.50 Order Item . Used with the finest crochet and lace threads, these hooks are used for miniature crochet, Irish crochet and lace work. Comes with a protective sheath.

RP77 * Handle Pocket Crochet Hooks
The hook is set into a short plastic handle and has a large plastic cap which protects the hook when not in use and serves as an extended handle. Available in sizes 60mm/14, .75mm/13, 1.00mm/12, 1.25mm/10, 1.50mm/8, 1.75mm/6. (RP77) $4.00 Order Item Sold individually.

* Cro Hk, Plastic (12,15mm /o,q) /ea (RQ28) $10.50 Order Item

* Plastic Crochet Hooks
For wool crochet, available in metric sizes from 5.5mm to 15.0mm with approximate equivalents of: 6.0/J, 7.0/K, (RQ26) $2.50 Order Item 8.0/L, 9.0/M, 10.0/N, (RQ27) $3.00 Order Item 12.0/O, 15.0/Q. (RQ28) $10.50 Order Item

* Cro Hk, Plastic (8.0,9.0,10.0mm /l,m,n)/ea (RQ27) $3.00 Order Item

CM45 * Reflections, Crochet Hook, Small
Reflections Crochet Hooks are colorful, fashionable and ergonomic. This set is rendered colors of Turquiose, Lime and Tangerine. Set contains one each of size G (4mm) , H (5mm) and J (6mm) . The crochet hook has a side to side cushioning for comfort and support. The set is stored in a beautiful clear cyclinder case with colorful bubble top cover that matches the color of the crochet hooks. (CM45) $20.00 Order Item

DO01 Rosewood Crochet Hook
Hand turned with decorative ends, each size having a unique design. Incorporates finger flats for comfortable handling. (Discontinued) Available in limited sizes. (DO01) $25.00 Order Item

TS65 * Rosewood Crochet Hooks
Hand turned from Rosewood in India. Available in16 sizes, Sizes D,E,F,G,7,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,S (TS65) $8.00 Order Item Sold individually.

* Steel Crochet Hooks
Crochet hooks available in sizes #00 - #14 (SU19) $1.75 Order Item , #15 (LC41) $4.00 Order Item and #16 (VB01) $4.50 Order Item .

CM40 * Soft Touch Steel Crochet Hook
Lightweight and ergonomic. This "Clover" crochet hook is design to make crocheting comfortable for fingers and hand. The crochet hook has a built in soft cushion for easy crocheting. Available in 9 sizes from 0.50mm - 1.75mm (CM40) $8.00 Order Item

Crochet Hook
Antique crochet hook, made of bone, 1900-1915. Unsized. (CR009) $12.00 Order Item

Cro Hook, Antique; Bone; Simple (blu) (CR008) $9.00 Order Item

Cro Hook, Antique; Bone; Special (blk Dot) (CR019) $22.00 Order Item

Cro Hook, Antique; Bone; Xfancy (yel Dot) (CR018) $16.00 Order Item

Cro Hook, Kelp; Unsized (CR001) $40.00 Order Item

GB84 * Bullion Crochet / Cro-Tatting / Bead Knitting Hook
Many uses for these long in-line hooks without indent. Available in1.0 mm, 1.5 mm and, Sized shaft is 2.5", 7.5" total length with plastic handle. (GB84) $4.00 Order Item

HA50 Crochet Hairpin "Loop Flower" Frame
A unique and sturdy 4-pin adjustable aluminum frame suited for the many innovative projects. (HA50) $20.00 Order Item

LG68 * Adjustable Hairpin Crochet Frame Instructions
12" aluminum rods with plastic spacer permitting working widths in a variety of intervals (3/4", 2", 2-3/4", 4", 30mm, 50mm, 80mm) . This is the "hair pin" used in Hairpin lacemaking. Instructions not included. (LG68) $3.00 Order Item

* Crochet Hook Cloth Pouch
A cloth pouch with 8 individual pockets to hold and protect hooks. Fillet pouch rolls up and has a ribbon tie to secure. Maks a fine gift pack for Rosewood, Bone, Hardwood and Bronze hooks. (LF27) $5.00 Order Item

CN89 * Crochet Hook Amour Steel Set
Color coded ergonomic handle, 7 hook set from "0" (1.75mm) to "12" (.60mm) (CN89) $60.00 Order Item

RQ46 * Crochet Hook Cap
Nickel plated brass cap for protection of typical steel crochet hooks. Set of 10 (RQ46) $6.00 Order Item

LD98 * Creochet Hook Interchangeable Set "Tulip-T"
Includes (10) Bamboo crochet hook sizes, 3.5, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0mm whcih can be combined for lengthe up to 72”. Also included are stoppers, tapesry needles, a gauge and carrying case. The hooks can be combined with the needles in knitting set LD97. (LD98) $180.00 Order Item

Crochet Hooks, Hand Sculptured Glass (MM31) $39.00 Order Item

BN33 * Ergonomic Handle For "Boye" Crochet Set Bn28
To ease the strain on the hand for those with difficulty using the "pencil" holding technique. 2.0" wood handle fits over the handle of the "Boye" interchangeable hook set BN28. Also used for standard hooks E, F and G. Also available in a 2-1/2" large size (BN35) $4.50 Order Item (BN33) $4.00 Order Item

* Ergonomic Handle For "Boye" Set, 2.5" Large (BN35) $4.50 Order Item

BN34 * Ergonomic Handle For Steel Crochet Hooks
To ease the strain on the hand for those with difficulty using the "pencil" holding technique. This is a 2" wood handle that will slide onto standard crochet hooks permitting it to be held in the palm. Crochet hooks not included. Available in 5 sizes. For "Boye" interchangeable set use E/F/G (BN34) $4.00 Order Item

CL85 * Hairpin Lace Tool, "Clover"
A sturdy adjustable plastic frame with 3 aluminum pins. (CL85) $17.50 Order Item

HH20 * Handy Hook
A heavy plastic curved ergonomic crochet hook which facilitates working with heavier yarns. Also known as "Accento" hook. Available in sizes K, N, & Q. (HH20) $2.50 Order Item

Hdle Hook, 2.00mm/ 4, 2.50mm/1 #235 (RQ11) $5.00 Order Item

CL34 Knitting and Chochet Hook Case, 9"
Designer knitting & crochet hooks storage cases in fabric. For use with 9" needles. Tapestry design. (CL34) $16.50 Order Item

* Hook/Knitting Needle Gauge
Aluminum KnitCheck gauge for accurately sizing both Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles. A measure also serves as a stitch gauge. Susan Bates #14099. (SU02) $2.10 Order Item

BN30 * I Taught Myself To Croched, "Boye"
Beginners Crochet Set. Basic tools plus instruction book. Includes #F, G, H, I, K crochet hooks, I afghan hook, 2 yarn needles, stitch marker rings, bulky yarn bobbins and book "I Taught Myself Crochet." (BN30) $12.00 Order Item

TT50 * Pjoning Crochet Hook
Generally refered to as Bosnian Crochet of Shepherd Knittng, this is thought to be the earliest form of crochet consisting of chain and slip stitch to produce a heavy textured dense fabric, popular in Eastern Europe. The book SMYGMASK VIRKNING by Kerstin Jonsson (AR40) $54.00 Order Item is a recommended reference. (TT50) $8.00 Order Item

LH68 * Pointed Crochet Hook
Used for crochet joining to fabric and light leather available in sizes 2.0 mm (1) , 2.55 mm (0) , 3.0 mm (00) , 3.5 mm (4/E) and 4.0 mm (6/G) , (LH68) $7.00 Order Item

BN28 * Interchangeable Head Steel Crocht Set
Set of 14 steel hooks, size 1 - 14, and a universal handle in a zippered carrying case. (BN28) $26.00 Order Item

BN44 * Steel Crochet Hook Set With Case
(8) hook set, 00, 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 in a fabric case (BN44) $13.00 Order Item

CL40 * Tunisian Crochet Hook
Double ended crochet hooks where the stitches remain on the shaft. Also referred to an Afghan Hook. 6" long, available in G, H, I, and J (CL40) $10.80 Order Item

SU82 Tunisian Crochet Hook, 12", 4.5mm - 7mm
Long, 12" Aluminum straight Tunisian hooks with a crochet hook on one end and a fixed cap on the other. Available in sizes 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm, 6.54mm, 7mm. (SU82) $6.00 Order Item

SU83 * Tunisian Crochet Hook, 12", 2mm - 4mm
Long, 12" Aluminum straight Tunisian hooks with a crochet hook on one end and a fixed cap on the other. Availavble in sizes 2mm, 2.5mm, 3 mm, 3.5mm 3.75mm, 4mm. (SU83) $4.50 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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