An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

FA30 * Adjustable Stretcher Bar Frame
Frame consists of (4) equal length slotted bars which allow infinite range of positioning in relation to each other, even after canvas is attached. Available in 8", 12", 16" and 20" bar sets, bars in all sets interchangeable. For easy attachment of canvas to bars, 1-1/4" poly twill tape (LL32) $1.00 Order Item stapled to frame bars recommended (FA30) $16.00 Order Item

FA31 * Adjustable Stretcher Bar Frame, 16" (FA31) $18.00 Order Item

FA32 * Adjustable Stretcher Bar Frame, 20" (FA32) $22.00 Order Item

FA29 * Adjustable Stretcher Bar Frame, 8" (FA29) $15.00 Order Item

LF15 Embroidery Frame
A solid hardwood, heavy duty embroidery frame incorporating a no sew mounting system, designed for use by itself or with the "SIT-OR-STAND" floor stand (LF10) $75.00 Order Item . Comes with 12.5" and 20" width bars by 20" side bars. (LF15) $65.00 Order Item

MO03 * Embroidery Lap Frame
A hardwood, wide (13/16") round edged 10" frame mounted on a universal stand for using on a chair, with the base under your leg, or mounted on a table using a "C" clamp. Adjustable height from 12" - 15.5". Frame easily flipped to view underside (MO03) $46.00 Order Item . 12" (MO26) $18.00 Order Item and 14" (MO27) $21.00 Order Item hoops can be ordered separately.

* Floor Frame "American Legacy" (FA26) $180.00 Order Item

HK01 * Holder Clip "Odyssey"
A novel, flexible joint, holding device which will attach to any surface by suction or clip. Ideal accessory for loom or frame for holding patterns. (HK01) $9.00 Order Item

Hoop For Lap Frame Mo03, 10" (MO28) $14.00 Order Item

* Hoop For Lap Frame Mo03, 12" (MO26) $18.00 Order Item

* Hoop For Lap Frame Mo03, 14" (MO27) $21.00 Order Item

* Hoop, Round Edge Hd Wd, 3/8" X 3" (RQ45) $2.50 Order Item

* Hoop, Round Edge Hd Wd, 3/8"x 4" (RQ21) $3.00 Order Item

* Wood Embroidery Hoop (inox)
Fine quality hard wood, with round edges and brass screw. Available in 3" (RQ45) $2.50 Order Item , 4" (RQ21) $3.00 Order Item , 6" (RQ24) $5.00 Order Item ; 8" (RQ22) $7.00 Order Item ; and 10" (RQ23) $9.00 Order Item .

* Hoop, Round Edge Hd Wd, 7/16"x 10" (RQ23) $9.00 Order Item

FA10 * Hoop, Spring Tension
An open steel ring holds the work within a plastic hoop. Its quick release feature makes it ideal for use on large canvases. The open steel ring is easily adjusted to desired tension. For extra holding, the steel ring can be wrapped with a twill tape. Its flat configuration makes it ideal for machine embroidery. 3.5" (FA10) $3.20 Order Item ; 5" (FA11) $4.00 Order Item , 7" (FA12) $4.60 Order Item

* Hoop, Spring Tension 5" (FA11) $4.00 Order Item

* Hoop, Spring Tension 7" (FA12) $4.60 Order Item

* Hoop, Wood 18" (BN20) $7.00 Order Item

TM26 * Hoop, Wood Economy, 1/2"x 10" (TM26) $7.00 Order Item

* Lap Frame
PVC frame similar to the popular "Q" Frame. Provides uniform holding on all 4 sides of fabric. (PZ05) $18.00 Order Item

FA20 * Ratchet Stitchery Frame
This innovative design in stitcher frame incorporates a tackless mounting system, the fabric simply clamped beween the split rails. A self locking reversable ratchet system allows easy control of canvas tension. The spreader bars are easily adjusted to the exact width of ypu canvas for optimum support. Avbailable in 12" (FA20) $19.00 Order Item , 18" (FA21) $15.30 Order Item and 24" (FA22) $21.50 Order Item canvas size.

* Ratchet Stitchery Frame, 18" (FA21) $15.30 Order Item

* Ratchet Stitchery Frame, 24" (FA22) $21.50 Order Item

Scroll Frame Slit Rod Sets
When working on different projects, these rods can be used to hold and store the project not being worken on. (FA28) $4.00 Order Item

FA24 * Scroll Frame, Wood
A split rail scroll frame for simple attachment of canvas. 18" rods for 16" maximum canvas. Can be used for Spang Frame with DA92 36" dowels. See FA28 for additional rod sets. (FA24) $13.00 Order Item

TS38 * Tambour Frame Instructions
An heirloom frame and stand allowing 360 degree rotation of a 7/16" x 10" frame as well as allowing its easy insertion and removal. Stand is of finely finish solid Hardwood construction, with a round edge hoop (TS38) $31.00 Order Item . Can also be used with the Lacis "Sit-or-Stand" floor stand, item LF10.

LG91 * Tambour / Embroidery Frame Risers
A set of 4 risers for the (LD96) $28.00 Order Item Professional Frame. They clip on frame without tools, placing frame 5" above table, allowing hand access to the underside. (LG91) $8.00 Order Item

LD96 Professional Tambour / Embroidery Frame
Consists of 4 bars, (2) 14" and (2) 28", (2) 2" heavy duty "C" clamps and twill tape which, when stapled to the bars, secures your working canvas to the frame. The canvas is then stretched and the bars held in place with the "C" clamps on two opposite corners. The frame can be supported on wood trestles, between 2 tables, on (2) 2 x 4s or with risers (LG91) $8.00 Order Item . Assembly required. (LD96) $28.00 Order Item

LH90 * Professional Tambour / Embroidery Frame
Consists of 4 bars, (2) 14" and (2) 28" with attached twil tape. and (2) 2" heavy duty "C" clamps. The working canvas is stiched to the twill tape and stretched by pulling on the intersention of bars at opposite corners and locking in place with the "C" clamps. Four removable legs support the frame so you can work with hads placed above the below the canvas. Assmbled (LH90) $48.00 Order Item

CM97 * Turnable Hoop, By "Clover"
A sturdy 7" molded plastic frame hoop with table clamp which allows 360 deg rotation and 90 degree tilting. Perfect for tambour and punch needle embroidery when working from the back of the finished piece. (CM97) $37.00 Order Item

* Wood Dowell, 3/4" X 36"

* Wood Dowel, 3/4" X 48" (DA91) $4.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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