An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

"Marian's" Magic Quilting Thimble
The original "under-fabric" thimble. (MA02) $4.00 Order Item

PZ64 * Adjustable Thimble
An self fitting plastic thimble which permits projection of fingernail. Requires softening with hot water to set fit. (PZ64) $2.00 Order Item

GE39 Finger Grips "Stitchers'"
Natural rubber grips for gripping fabric, needles or hand tools. Breathable vents and nail slot, available in Small, Medium or Large. (GE39) $1.00 Order Item

Finger Shield, Fr /ea (JC04) $1.80 Order Item

CM80 * Natural Fit Leather Thimble
Shaped like your finger, the smooth shape allows for needle pushing from any angle. Available in small, meduim and large (CM80) $14.00 Order Item

CM81 * Protech and Grip Thimble
A safe elastic fitting thimble with full metal cap. Available in small, medium and large. (CM81) $9.00 Order Item

Thimbles, Nickel Free
Heavy nickel free, zinc rimmed-top thimbles availabe in marked sizes #3, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12. (ET78) $2.00 Order Item

DL40 * Thimble: "Jelly Fingers"
A soft comfortable thimble in mixed colors. Available in Small (18mm], Medium [20mm] and Large [23mm}]) (DL40) $2.50 Order Item

DL43 * Thimble: "Jelly Recessed"
A soft comfortable thimble with recessd top, in mixed colors. Small (18mm] and Medium [20mm]) (DL43) $2.75 Order Item

LD75 * Thimble Gauge
Determine thimble size in metric from 13 to 20mm and English #4-#13. (LD75) $5.00 Order Item

NB01 * "Nimble Thimble"
You will hardly notice wearing this classic "like-skin" finger protector. Between layers of very fine leather there is a small metal plate at the finger tip. Available in Small; Medium; and Large sizes. (NB01) $6.00 Order Item

NP23 * Thimble, Bleached Horn,
Beautiful light weight thimbles, hand turned from bleached horn. Appearance is that of tortoise shell or amber. Available in 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16mm (diameter of open end) . Made in Nepal. (NP23) $9.00 Order Item

Thimble, Box/Standard/Pap/50 #710 (RP88) $50.00 Order Item

Thimble, Cloisonne, Owl (OT35) $10.00 Order Item

OT07 * Cloisonne Translucent Thimble
A beautiful handmade thimble of clear colored enamel (Plique a jour) which gives it the appearance of stained glass. Has been used for miniature lamp shades. Made in China. (OT07) $10.00 Order Item

OT04 * Cloisonne Plain Thimble
A beautiful handmade thimble of true hand formed cloisonne, each of a unique design. Made in China. (OT04) $6.00 Order Item

RP21 * Finger Shields, Plastic
An adjustable broad plastic band which protects the side of the finger when sewing or quilting. (RP21) $2.50 Order Item

JC01 * Brass Thimble
A heavy natural brass thimble with a dome top and decorative band. Available in sizes 2 and 0 (largest) . Made in France (JC01) $15.00 Order Item .

LB82 * Heavy Nickel Plated Brass Thimble
Heavy brass thimbles with dome top in English sizes. (LB82) $6.00 Order Item

NP22 Thimble, Horn, Sized
Beautiful light weight thimbles, hand turned from horn. Made in Nepal. Available in 5 sizes, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16mm (diamenter of open end) . (NP22) $6.00 Order Item

CL15 * Leather Finger Thimble
A set of three finger bands with plastic insert. These can be adjusted by a tie joining the two ends of the leather. Clover. (CL15) $4.00 Order Item

CL07 * Adjustable Ring Thimble
A wide ring which allows pushing the needle with the side of the finger. Japanese embroidery thimble, Clover. (CL07) $3.25 Order Item

CL05 * Palm Thimble
An adjustable Japanese thimble worn at the base of the finger which has a metal pad which sets on the palm. Designed for embroidery. Clover. (CL05) $3.00 Order Item

CM27 * Open Sided Metal Thimble
An adjustable metal thimble with open back wjhich allows it to be worn with long fingernails. AVailable in a small and medium size. (CM27) $11.00 Order Item

ET14 * Thimble With Recessed Top
A popular quilting thimble of nickel plated steel. Available in sizes 6 (14.5mm) to 13 (19mm) (ET14) $2.60 Order Item

RP91 * Standard Thimble: Steel
A standard nickel plated steel thimble with dome top. Available in 10 sizes 3 (13mm) , 4 (13.5mm) , 5 (14mm) ; 6 (14.5mm) , 7 (15mm) , 8 (16mm) , 9 (16.5mm) , 10 (17mm) , 11 (18mm) , 12 (18..5/19.0mm) . (RP91) $1.80 Order Item

RQ60 * Tailor's Thimble, Deep Dimple
An open top steel thimble with deep dimples in sizes: 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15. 15.5, 16, 18, 18.5mm (RQ60) $4.00 Order Item

RQ62 * Tailor's Thimble, Open Top, Heavy Brass
A professional, large, heavy brass thimble, with deep dimples. Sizes. 13, 14, 14.5, 15. 16. 17, 18, 19 and 20mm (RQ62) $6.00 Order Item

GM04 * Wood Thimble
Unfinished plain wood thimble ready for painting. (GM04) $0.60 Order Item

* Thimble, Wood; Ringed; Unfinished (GM05) $0.70 Order Item

HG48 Sterling Thimble
15mm Sterling Silver with decorative band. (HG48) $25.00 Order Item

DH44 Thimble: Sterling-#2854 (DH44) $44.00 Order Item

DH46 Thimble: Sterling-#2855 (DH46) $46.00 Order Item

Thimble: Sterling-#2857 (DH61) $36.00 Order Item

DH63 Thimble: Sterling-#2858 (DH63) $36.00 Order Item

DH59 Thimble: Sterling-#3054 (DH59) $42.00 Order Item

DH45 Thimble: Sterling-#3055 (DH45) $46.00 Order Item

DH57 Thimble: Sterling-#3100 (DH57) $36.00 Order Item

GE38 Thimbles, "Stitchers'" Pvc Rubber
Soft feel and slightly pliable to fit all finger sizes. Super thick rubber tip for extra protetion. Available in 5 sizes, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.each designated by different color. (GE38) $0.60 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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