Tape, Wire & Floral Supplies

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

* Art Wire
A 17ga (.056) soft wire, easily shaped, forged and polished. Hardens when hammered and polishes to a bright sIlver finish. For jewelry, millinary, flower making. (LI20) $5.00 Order Item

GA16 Birds Nest
Beautiful realistic birds nest with feathers and grass, 6" dia. (GA16) $10.00 Order Item

MI17 * Calyx, Carnation, .8" /60 (MI17) $5.00 Order Item

MI12 * Calyx, Rose Open, 1.7"/Med /36 (MI12) $5.00 Order Item

MI11 * Rose Open Calyx, Small, Medium and Large
A plastic assymetrical soft plastic calyx for silk, cloth or chocolate roses. Available in Small (MI11) $5.00 Order Item , Medium (MI12) $5.00 Order Item , and Large (MI13) $5.00 Order Item sizes in bag quantities as noted.

MI13 * Calyx, Rose Open, 2.7"/Lg /32 (MI13) $5.00 Order Item

MI14 Calyx, Rosebud, .7"/Sm /50 (MI14) $5.00 Order Item

MI15 * Calyx, Rosebud, 1" Med /36 (MI15) $5.00 Order Item

MI16 * Calyx, Rosebud, 1.2"/Lg /32 (MI16) $5.00 Order Item

HW12 * Craft Wire, 26gx22y, Gold (HW12) $5.00 Order Item

HW11 * Craft Wire, 26gx40y, Silver (HW11) $3.00 Order Item

HW01 * Craft Wire, 28g X 24y Gold (HW01) $3.00 Order Item

* Craft Wire, 28g X24y, Galv (HW02) $2.00 Order Item

HW08 * Craft Wire, 28gx17y, Gold (HW08) $4.00 Order Item

Craft Wire, 28gx40y, Black (HW15) $6.50 Order Item

HW09 * Craft Wire, 28gx40y, Sil (HW09) $3.00 Order Item

HW07 * Craft Wire, 34gx24y (fine), Gold (HW07) $2.50 Order Item

HW06 * Craft Wire, 34gx24y (fine), Silver (HW06) $2.00 Order Item

Craft Wire, Gold, 28ga X 40yd (HW33) $4.00 Order Item

* Floral Tape, 1/2" X 90' :colors (SG20) $2.50 Order Item

AC40 * Floral Tape
Used to wrap stems for color and to join floral stems together. When stretched it joins to itself and to the flower stems without becoming tacky. Available in 60ft (AC40) $2.20 Order Item and 90ft (SG20) $2.50 Order Item rolls.

HW18 * Floral Wire, 16ga X 18" Grn /8 (HW18) $1.50 Order Item

HW19 * Floral Wire, 18ga X 18" Grn /12 (HW19) $1.75 Order Item

HW20 * Floral Wire, 20ga X 18" Grn /15 (HW20) $1.50 Order Item

HW21 * Floral Wire, 22ga X 18" Grn /20 (HW21) $1.50 Order Item

* Floral Wire, 32ga X 18" Grn/Wh /12 (HW17) $1.00 Order Item

SG18 * Floral Wire
Available in white or green 36" (SG18) $1.00 Order Item

* Floral Wire, Grn/Wh, 16g, 36" /ea (SG35) $1.50 Order Item

Floral Wire, Wh, 26g, 36" /dz (SG34) $2.40 Order Item

GA15 * Humming Bird
Humming bird in flight with mounting wire, 3 1/4" wing span. (GA15) $3.00 Order Item

BF51 * Lady Bug, 1/4" (BF51) $0.30 Order Item

HW23 * Paddle Floral Wire, 20ga Grn /26 Yds (HW23) $2.00 Order Item

HW24 * Paddle Floral Wire, 22ga Gr/Bk/Wh /38 Yds (HW24) $1.70 Order Item

* Paddle Floral Wire, 24ga Grn /59 Yds (HW25) $1.80 Order Item

HW26 * Paddle Floral Wire, 26ga Bk/Wh /grn 95 Yds (HW26) $2.50 Order Item

HW22 * Paddle Floral Wire
Coated wire in 1/4# coil. Various weighs from 20 to 30 ga (HW22) $3.00 Order Item

Straw Craft Wheat and Straw
Various varieties of grain selected for straw work. Durum straw approximately 75-90 lengths per 8oz pkg. Wheat straw approx 100-120 straws per 8oz pkg. (BB31) $10.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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