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AT58 * Beyond The Tanabata Bridge, Traditional Japanese Textiles, William Jay Rathbun
Artistry, traditions, and costume related to historical periods. Seattle Art Museum collection. (AT58) $30.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 199
ISBN: 0932216404, 9780932216403

AT51 * China's Dragon Robes, Schuyler Cammann
A technical and scholarly survey of this richest period of Chinese textile art. Reprint of 1952 edition. (AT51) $35.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 230
ISBN: 1588860000, 9781588860002

AB69 * Chinese Textiles, Verity Wilson
From the Museum collection, textiles for special occasions presented from Imperial China through the present era. Section of technique. (AB69) $55.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 128
ISBN: 1851774386, 9781851774388

UW07 * Clothed To Rule The Universe, Stephen K. Little and Christa C. Mayer Thurman
Ming and Quing Dynasty teztiles from the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.. (UW07) $17.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 112
ISBN: 0295980265, 9780295980263

AT52 A Collector's Guide To Chinese Dress Accessories, Valery M. Garrett
Beautifully illustrated with background covering techniques, symbolism, government regulations and social implications. (AT52) $70.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 187
ISBN: 9789812047298, 9812047298

UW05 * Culture Of Clothing Among Taiwan Aborigines, Saalih Lee
Tradition, meaning and images in this study of traditional clothing and ornaments. (UW05) $110.00 Order Item
Binding: Boxed
Pages: 431
ISBN: 9576384877, 9789576384875

NA09 * Flowers, Dragons, & Pine Trees, Mary M. Dusenbury
Textiles from East, South and Central Asia dating from 15 through 20th c. covering Persian, Indian, Kashmir, Chinese and Japanese textiles, embroideries and court costume. (NA09) $75.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 312

AT50 * Imperial Silks, Robert D. Jacobsen
The awsome collection of Ch'ing Dynasty (1644-1912) garments and textiles in the Minneapolois Institute of Arts in this detailed, well illusttrated docementation covering historical, technical and social aspects of all levels of society. (2 vol boxed set) (AT50) $240.00 Order Item
Pages: 1182
ISBN: 1878529722, 9781878529725

HR01 * Indonesian Textiles, Michael Hitchcock
An historical and technical survey of Indonesian textiles including the traditons behind them. With over 100 color and 50 black and white illustrations. (HR01) $26.00 Order Item
ISBN: 0064302172, 9780064302173

AB50 * Japanese Textiles In The Victoria and Albert Museum, Anna Jackson
Embroidered, woven and printed fabrics of kimonos, actor's robes, and indigo dyed folk costume from17th c. to prsent. (AB50) $50.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1851773169, 9781851773169

PW03 * Javanese Batik Designs From Metal Stamps, Albert Buell Lewis
From the Field Museum collections (1924) . (PW03) $10.00 Order Item
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Pages: 32

AT54 Richly Woven Traditions, Douglas P. Murray
Costumes of the Miao of Southwest China and beyond. Exhibit catalog. (AT54) $26.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 64

UQ59 Silks For Thrones and Altars, John E. Vollmer
77 Chinese textiles from the 14th through the 18th century, divided into three groups,the first group consists of clothing and furnishing fabrics made for and used by the ruling elite of China. The second group contains Chinese silks found beyond the borders of the empire, specifically in Tibet, Japan, and Western Europe. The last group presents textiles made for Taoist and Buddhist liturgical use. (UQ59) $40.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9782951883611

SJ47 * Southeast Asian Textiles, Claire & Steve Wilbur
Identification, care and value. (SJ47) $40.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 176
Publisher: Schiffer
ISBN: 0764318101, 9780764318108

SJ81 * Threads Of Gold: Chinese Textiles: Ming To Ching, Paul Haig & Marla Shelton
An indepth study covering social influences, value, symbols, and technique from 1368-1911 with evalkuation and price guide. (SJ81) $80.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 304
Publisher: Schiffer
ISBN: 0764325388

AT56 Threads Of Imagination, Antonia Tozer
Finely illustrated silk embroideroies from Central Asia and China from 12th - 19th c. (AT56) $58.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 60
ISBN: 1902040163, 9781902040165

RJ33 * Threads Of Light, Robert Glenn Ketchum
Chinese embroidery from Suzhou through detailed exhibit catalog with superb photos and text including technical aspects. (RJ33) $26.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 172
ISBN: 0930741714, 9780930741716

NB41 Through The Thread Of Time, Jane Puranananda
All aspects of Southeast Asian textiles covering Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. (NB41) $45.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 184
ISBN: 9789748225760

NO33 * Traditional Indonesian Textiles, John Gillow
Textile production, materials, dyes, looms covering batiks, brocades, etc. (NO33) $40.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 0500236410, 9780500236413

Other, Non English Text

AT55 Special Exhibition Of Embroidery
Exhibit catalog with English introduction. (AT55) $42.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9575620917, 9789575620912

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