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This list covers new items introduced over the past 90 days, the date after the name indicates when the product was first introduced. Prices can be found on our price lists; items newer than 6 months old are also highlighted on the price lists.
An * before the description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

Tools & Materials


Tools & Materials

* Blocking Wire. .033" Stainless Steel, 25' Coil
A stiff wire specially suited for blocking curved shapes. (LJ27) $10.00 Order Item

* Stick Loom Aluminum Needles
Aluminim needles, 5" x .157" used in the Clover CL85 Hairin frame and the LF82 Stick Loom. (LF100) $7.00 Order Item

RQ64 * Rug Hook, Primitive
Fine rug hooks, 1-1/4" long, short handle, available in 2.0, 2.6 or 3.0 mm hook. Ideal for working in dense fabrics. (RQ64) $6.25 Order Item

TT87 * Aficot Embroiderer's Tool.
A sculptural tool, contoured to the hand, to provide a controlled finish to embroidery by burnishing the threads as well as surrounding areas to create a dimensional effect. 5" x 23/29 mm. (TT87) $14.00 Order Item

Darning/Filet White 6-Hpi, Natl 60" /3 Yds (JS10A) $75.00 Order Item

Darning/Filet White 6-Hpi, Natl 60" /9 Yds (JS10B) $175.00 Order Item

LD51 * Russian Punch 4-Needle Embroidery Set
A set of four bone handled stainless steel needles, 14 (.080) , 16 (.064) , 18 (.048) and 20 (.036) ga. for 1-strand to 6-strand floss. (LD51) $35.00 Order Item

GE52 * Pin Wheelies, Pin Wheel Of 40 Pins
40 1.5" x .024" ball head pins in 4 irresdescent colors on handy permanent pin wheel for easy insertion. (GE52) $1.20 Order Item

GE50 * Fluffy Animal Tape Measure
Charming, 60" (150mm) tape measure in design of fluffy animals, the tape released by pulling pom pom. English and Metric measure. Available in assorted animal designs. (GE50) $3.00 Order Item

GE51 * Black and Silver Tape Measure
An elegant tape measure with great fall, much like a wet noodle, 3/4" x 60" (150mm) . Inches on one side, metric on other side. Comes in sturdy plastic case. (GE51) $2.00 Order Item

* Safety Pins "00"
Small nickel plated steel safety pins. (DA96) $2.50 Order Item

* Tweezer With Led Light
In assorted colors. (GE53) $3.00 Order Item

Vintage Cro Thd "Geneva Silk Finish", C. 1920 /ball (LW08) $15.00 Order Item

Boxoxo Powered Hand Soap
Recommended as a positive deterent to insects in textile storage environments. Spronkle in storage container and cover with acid free tissue. 12oz shaker top container. (WB16) $6.80 Order Item

* Weight, 50gr. (HM53) $3.80 Order Item

* Die Set "00" Eyelet For Gc11 Presst (YS02) $30.00 Order Item

* Die Set "00" Grommet For Gc11 Presst (YS03) $25.00 Order Item

* Silk, "Beadalon" "C" /.5 Oz/310yd (HM48) $15.00 Order Item

* Silk, "Beadalon" "D" /.5 Oz/260yd (HM49) $15.00 Order Item

* Silk, "Beadalon" "E" /.5 Oz/200yd (HM50) $15.00 Order Item

* Silk, "Beadalon" "F" /.5 Oz/140yd (HM51) $15.00 Order Item

* Silk, "Beadalon" "Fff" /.5 Oz/92yd (HM52) $15.00 Order Item

HM47 * Spooled Silk, 1/2 Oz Spools
A tight twisted spooled silk thread preferred for bead stringing, weaving, tatting and knotting. Available in 1/2 oz spools in 6 sizes from finest "B" (390y) , "C" (310y) , "D" (260y) , "E" (200y) , "F" (140y) , FFF (92y) , White or black. (HM47) $15.00 Order Item


A-Z Of Whitework, Spiral (UQ50) $30.00 Order Item
Binding: Spiral

SQ22 * Kimono, Vanishing Traditiion, Cheryl Imperatore, Paul Maclatdy
Japanese textiles of the 20th century from traditional to couture. (SQ22) $50.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780764350504

SQ23 * Ninteenth Centurywomen's Fashion,felicity J. Warnes
High style couture through annotated fashion plates organized by decade along with a social history of the times.. (SQ23) $35.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 408
ISBN: 9780764350139

SQ24 * Andean Sling Braids, Roderick Owen and Terry Newhouse Flinn
Decorative braids through clear diagrams, kumihimo braiding techniques and a unique core frame. (SQ24) $40.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9780764351037

* Bordi Con Il Chiacchierino, Aliaia Kwartnik
Tatted edgings and borders with instructions for needle tatting. (EN66) $18.00 Order Item
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788889262931

* Per Non Perdere Il Filo, Elisabetta Holzer
A guide to needlework techniques. (EN71) $45.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9788889262979

* Sfilature, Silvana Fontanelli
Drawnwork samplers and projects. (EN67) $37.00 Order Item
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788889262948

* Disegni Di Aemilia Ars, Bellomo, D'Alessandro, Monteventi
Original Aemilia Ars drawings. Simple and more complex patterns for the needlework enthusiastic. (EN68) $44.00 Order Item
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788889262962

* Quattro Bordini Aemila Ars, Bellomo, D'Alessandro, Monteventi
Decorative edginbgs and insertions in Italian needlelace. (EN69) $18.00 Order Item
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788885743007

* Il Macrame Di Sabrina, Saprina Saivioli
** (EN70) $25.00 Order Item
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788889262993

* Tatted Bracelets and Earings [0743] (JM30) $32.00 Order Item
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 9784021907432

* Vogue Tatting 101 Ideas [0743] (JM31) $30.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9784529056953

* Tatted Hand Bags, Yoko Hatakeyama
A collection of eight bags in basic tatting including finishing and asembly instructions. Some English. (JM29) $52.00 Order Item
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Pages: 40
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 9784908678080

TF83 * Edward's Crochet Doll Emporium, Kerry Lord
Using flippable pages and a mix-and-match format, you can create a countless number of character dolls ranging from family members, to sport stars, to storybook dolls. (TF83) $25.00 Order Item
Binding: Spiral, Hardcover
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9781911595052

TF85 * Dimensional Tuck Knitting, Tracy Purtscher
A novel, yet simple technique resulting in vibrant three-dimensional textures. (TF85) $25.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 184
ISBN: 9781942021674

TF84 * Seed Stitch, Rosemary Drysdale
This popular and basic stitch now recognized as new creative tool in pattern design. (TF84) $25.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9781942021643

LJ23 * Dentelle Aux Fuseau Techniques De Base, Mick Fouriscot
The basic techniques through 85 projects, diagrams and step-by-step instructions as taught at du Puy-en-Velay school. (LJ23) $58.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 78
Language: French
ISBN: 9782350323350

LI68 * Monogrammes [set]
Again in print, this bound set of all five reproduction alphabet and monogram albums:Monogrammes, Initiales, Lettres Modernes, Lettres Brodees, and Alphabets. (LI68) $60.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 164
Language: French
ISBN: 2908894726

LE67 * The Art and Craft Of Old Lace, Freiherr Alfred Von Henneberg
SALE Item, Price Cut in Half from $100.00 to $50.00 Perhaps the most significant work ever published on the technical aspects of hand made lace, the treatise is fully illustrated by photo and color analysis with a thorough survey and analysis of early lace. (LE67) $50.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 408
ISBN: 1891656104, 9781891656101

Mode In Costume (1944) (D2381) $40.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 395

Not Yet Available La Dentelle A Valenciennes, Arthur Malotet
An important book in the annals of lace, covering the historical, economic and social sigbificance in addition to the details of the artistic and technical developments. A new edition of the 1927 oiginal work. (LJ26) $55.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 176
Language: French

* Traditional Swedish Knitting Patterns, Maja Karlsson
Flowers, geometrics, figures, landscapes, animals and people in 40 styilzed motifs, incorporated into 20 projects including hats, wrist warmers, dress and jackets. (TU06) $25.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781570768217

JM26 * Tatting Lace and Crochet, Emiko Kitao
Tatting and crochet to create motifs, engings, table pieces, book marks, braids and more. (JM26) $34.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 64
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 9784021907371

JM25 * Tatting Lace Kotohajime, Sumi
More small projects geared to beginners for decoration of home and body. Detailed insructions by step-by-step photos. (JM25) $20.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 64
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 9784834743913

TI64 * Uncinetto Filet 4, Manis Di Fata
Floral designs for pillows, curtains, linens, and table centers suitable for crochet and net darning. (TI64) $28.00 Order Item

TR99 * Ponchos To Knit, Denise Samson
Elegant classics, cozy with cables, chiv and striped in this collection of shawls and other fine accessories inclusing hats, headbands and wrist warmers. (TR99) $23.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9781570768248

MD256 * Trans Pat #256: Speciale Liste E Centri, Mani Di Fata
Motifs for linens and centers in cutwork and surface embroidery techniques by iron transfer patterns. (MD256) $18.00 Order Item

TI63 * Punto Croce 51, Mani Di Fata
Classic cross stitch designs in florals and geometrics for household linens, with full color pullout charts. (TI63) $28.00 Order Item

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