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This list covers new items introduced over the past 90 days, the date after the name indicates when the product was first introduced. Prices can be found on our price lists; items newer than 6 months old are also highlighted on the price lists.
An * before the description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

Tools & Materials


Tools & Materials

* Hook Tatting Ebony Set
A set of 4 different size hooks. All have a recessed hook on each end. Instructions included. Sizes: Stainless Steel 8" x 1.4mm; Ebony ,10" x 3.0mm, 3.5mm.and 4.0 mm. (LG16) $28.00 Order Item

TS69 * Stiletto, 5" Rosewood
An embroiderer's necessity for aligning threads and piercing holes in fabric for eyeleta and decoration. (TS69) $8.00 Order Item

Embroidery Cotton Floss, Dmc, 500g Cone (DN91) $45.00 Order Item

* Knitting Accessory Set
In a compact, durable plastic case; (10) small locking stitch markers, (10) small and (10) large soft ring markers, (2) point protectors. (CO24) $14.00 Order Item

* Knitting Accessory Sock Set
In a compact, durable plastic case; (10) small locking stitch markers, (20) soft small ringf markers, pt foublr point needle protectorssnf (2) darning needles. (CO25) $15.00 Order Item

* Quick Locking Stitch Markers
Rigid design for easy placement. Can be used in locked or unlocked position. 2 different colors per set. Available in (20) small, (20) medium or (12) large size. (CO22) $7.00 Order Item

* Quick Locking Stitch Marker Set
In a compact, durable plastic case; (10) small (20) medium and (6) large locking stitch markers (CO23) $14.00 Order Item

* Mini Weaving Loom, 4.7"
A simple loom and basic tools for weaving up to a 4.7" square. (CO26) $20.00 Order Item

* Mini Weaving Loom, 9.7"
A simple loom and basic tools for weaving up to a 9.7" square. (CO27) $29.00 Order Item

MO80 * Celtic Tatting Shuttle
A small narrow shuttle (.6" x 2.5") designed for facilitating the weave techniques popular in Celtic tatting designs. Available in green, oringe, pink and purple. (MO80) $3.00 Order Item

JO12 * Richelieu Embroidery Kit By Joanna Richelieu Emboridery
These are from Joanna's "HAFT" patterns. Each kit includes the pattern printed on 100% hight quality linen, picture of the completed piece, a printed pattern, instructions and a tapestry needle. To complete the project, 2 skeins of floss or cutwork thread, in any color, are required which can be found in any needlework store. (JO12) $22.00 Order Item

* Box Cutter Retractable Blade Knife
A sturdy 5" traditional knife with retractable blade. Uses stabdard blade, replaceable with phillips screw driver. (DA94) $2.50 Order Item

* Handy Knife With Snap-A-Part Blade
A 5-1/2" light weight 13 segment knife with retractable blade suitable for needlework box or pocket. Comes with spare blade. (DA93) $2.00 Order Item

* "Rerors Mat" Dmc Thread Color Card
Thread sample card of all colors. Color numbers are unique for these threads. (DN90) $20.00 Order Item

Haft Richelieu Printed Linen Pattern By Joanna
Kit includes pattern printed on 100% linen and picture of finished project. Refer to any of Koanna's HAFT pattern books for instructions. (JO11) $7.00 Order Item

* Corrugated, Br Squash 1/2" /6 Nkl/Gld (JC52) $5.00 Order Item

Button - Leather Braid, 23mm /pr (MI67) $6.00 Order Item

Button - Leather Knot, 19mm /pr (MI69) $6.50 Order Item

Spring Ring Catch, 7mm, Silver /ea (JP16) $1.00 Order Item

GE49 * Thread Squizzors
A tapestry tip, spring action straight blade thread snipper with protective cap and lanyard. (GE49) $3.20 Order Item

MB70 * Myaco Bane Silk Buttonhole Thread Color Card
A twisted filament silk thread, 21d 16x3 plies. Suited for embroidery. Available in 121 colors on 20 meter cards. (MB70) $5.50 Order Item

* Silk, "Miyako Bane" Buttonhole, Sample Card (MB71) $20.00 Order Item


* Point De Gaze, Brussels Needle Lace
This popular needle lace of the 19th century is presented in its many interpretations as a reference to the collector. Not a book on technique. (KU12) $30.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 168
ISBN: 9781532329234

SC33 * Needle Felted Tapestries, Neysa Russo
From coasters to wall hangings using needle felting techniques. (SC33) $22.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 107

* Ladies' Handbook Of Fancy and Ornamental Work, Florence Hartley

ISBN: 9780486809113

Not Yet Available Ukrainian Embroidery (magazine)
Traditional Ukrainian embroidery is alive and well in this beautiful monthly magazine. Russian text. (RB11) $18.00 Order Item
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Language: Russian

* 6000+ Pullover Possibilities, Melissa Leapman
Mix and match body shapes, sleeves and necklines into your personalized wearable. Written for sizes XS to 4X and yarns from auper-fine to bulky. (TF79) $25.00 Order Item
Binding: Spiral, Hardcover
Pages: 264
ISBN: 9781936096947

TF81 * Whitework With Color, Trish Burr
Bluring the lines between whitework, lace, stumpwork and old-fashioned embroidery inviting new adventures in needlework. (TF81) $35.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 210
ISBN: 9781863514965

TF82 * Manga Fashion Bible, Christopher Hart
Concepts for modern fashion and the latest trends emerging from Japan. (TF82) $20.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781942021629

TF80 * Color Odyssey, Chris Garver
50 Iron-on line fabric transfers which can be transferred to any fabric with a hot iron and then colored usinf fabric markers, paints, or embroidery. Incluses 2 copies of 25 images. (TF80) $17.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 64
ISBN: 9781942021421

TX82 * String, Adam Hart-Davis
The fascinating story of this most ubiquitous element of our lives from the building of the pyramids to string teory with its involvement in folklore,science, music, sports, and history. (TX82) $6.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9781606520246

TX81 * Fairy Tale Knits, Fiona Goble
20 characters from Little Red Riding Hood, Three Bears, Goldilocks, Rapunsel and more all presented within the original story. (TX81) $12.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 9781449418014

TX85 Bend The Rules With Fabric, Amy Karol
Creating one of a kind fabric projects for wearable, decorative, and fun including bith sew and no-snow projects. (TX85) $5.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9780307451835

TX80 Postcards From Vogue (100 Covers)
100 postcards of the covers if Vogue from 120 tears of style and beauty as a boxed set. (TX80) $16.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9781846144684

TX79 * Vogue: The Gown, Jo Ellison
Fairy tale adventure, unparalled glamour and unashamed opilence describes the essence of this adventure. Boxed edition. (TX79) $80.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 302
ISBN: 9781770854987

TX84 Jewelry From Found Objects, Heather Skowood
Creating one-of-a-kind weasrable pieces using ignored castaways. (TX84) $10.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 85
ISBN: 9780811706025

UQ42 Not Yet Available Stitched Shibori, Jane Callender
Technique designs and inspiration in this comprehensive guie to traditional and inventive stitch resist techniques. (UQ42) $35.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781782211419

IN11 * Butterflies [schmetterlinge/Farfalle], Iris Niebach
Twelve butterflies to stretch the imagination, all within in the grasp of the medium level tatter. Special techniqus include tatted squares and Cluny leaves. (IN11) $33.00 Order Item
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Pages: 36

TR97 * Crochet In Black & White, Constanze Diehl-Hupfer & Magdalena Melzer
Bold 2 color designs for wearables and home. (TR97) $23.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9781570767883

TR96 * Mandalas & Doilies To Crochet, Marie-Line Andre
Out of the box concepts for the term doily as these colorful, dimensional, original designs become works of art. (TR96) $19.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9781570767890

* Menswear, 20 Timeless Elements Of Style. Giuseppe Ceccarelli
20th cnetury men's fashion as seen in the context of the popular Hollywood and sports icons through candid photography. (TF78) $30.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 222
ISBN: 9788854410602

TF77 * Bohemian Macrame, Gwenael Petiot
Elegant wearables and accessories with cord, cabochons, beads and feathers for head to toe embellishment. (TF77) $22.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781454709862

FY21 * Modern Folk Embroideryn Nancy Nicholson
This collection includes 20 embroidery designs with project ideas to show you how to use the designs to create beautiful and practical home decor items and accessories. The techniques for the stitches and project instructions are shown using Nancy's stitch diagrams so extremely easy to follow whether you are an experienced stitcher or a newbie. (FY21) $25.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9781446306291

TF76 * Typewriter
The amazing story of this machine that changed comuniucation at the turn of century. A celebration of the most curious, elaborate and heralded typewriters in history and the creative spirit of the creators. A beautiful presentation by photos contemporary advertisments, patents and othe rmemotabolia, (TF76) $22.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 218

* Patchwork Embroidery, Aimee Ray
A wide range or projects for wearabl;es to kitchen, from backpacks to mini quit, from new to classic kitsch. (TF73) $18.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 169
ISBN: 9781454709244

TF75 * The Victorian Treasury, Lucinda Hakksley
The minutiae of everyday life as well as the major events that changed the world. Covers urban legends, notorius crimes,and the leisure hours af the Victorial servant. (TF75) $17.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780233004778

TF72 * Elegant Soutache, Amee K. Sweet-Mcnamara
The versitile soutache cord, in its many variation, combined with beads to become a new art form sted to the most elegant jewelry. (TF72) $30.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 264
ISBN: 9781454709176

TF74 * How To Work With Leather, Pogson
Easy techniques and over 20 projects including bags, belts and sandels. (TF74) $15.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 160

RI90 * Knitting In Circles, Nicky Epstein
Circular patterns for sweaters, bags, hats, afghans and more. 100 patterns and 20 projects from cables to lace to rich colorwork. (RI90) $24.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 223
ISBN: 9780307587060

HH99 * Il Mio Chiacchierino #15, Cigra
For novice to advanced tatter, a new collections of innovsative designs for jewelry and home decor working with beads and color, (HH99) $23.00 Order Item
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Pages: 50

* Knitting: The Continental Way, Denise Mazal Resnerova
"If you know how to crochet, then you know how to knit" is made clear by the author who begins with extensive lessons in crochet. (AH11) $32.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 294
ISBN: 9781524600235

JL98 * Fun Tatting Lace, Chiko Sugimoto
A collection of playful motifs and trims. (JL98) $37.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9784058006603

TF70 * Crochet Yourself Calm, Carmen Heffernan
A collection of repat patterns and geometric motifs in the form of 50 small projects. (TF70) $18.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781454710196

YA49 * Fashion Plates, 150 Years Of Style, April Calahan
A comprehensive survey of 200 color plates from 1778 to early 20th c. depicting the "cutting-edge styles embraced by the fashion-conscious elite" accompanied by fascinatimg text. (YA49) $30.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 440
ISBN: 9780300197709

AQ37 * Knitted Cable Sourcebook, Norah Haughan
Knitting with cables and designing your own through over 150 stitch patterns. Ubnique insight into cable theory and engineering,. (AQ37) $30.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 276
ISBN: 9781419722394

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