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GB01Beads, #11 Seed Strng/hank /clr, $5.00
109, Jet Black
109-M, Black Matte
156, Dark Brown
178, Cobalt Blue
212-T, Clear
244-T, Clear Red
274-T, Bright Blue
278, Cobalt
278-T, Cobalt Blue
282-T, Light Green, Transparent
284-T, Green, Transparent
286-TM, Teal, Transparent Matte
287-T, Emerald, Transparent
288-T, Deep Green, Transparent
312-T, Clear Pearl
312, White Pearl
380, Green Pearl
412, Crystal, Silver Lined
422, Yellow, Lined
446, Garnet Red
454, Gold, Lined
505, Lavender/Grey Variegated
505-M, Lavender / Grey Tones
505-T, Lavender/Grey Transparent
512, White, Lined
512-TM, White, Transparent Matte
512-M, White Matte
544-T, Iridescent Fuscia
546-M, Rose
546-T, Purple Rainbow
552-M, Pink/Purple/Brown Variegated
552-T, Yellow, Iridescent
558, Bronze
562-TM, Light Aqua
562, Aqua Rainbow
578-T, Cobalt Blue, Rainbow
579-T, Peacock Rainbow
579, Peacock
585, Turquoise, Gold Shimmer
585-M, Turqise Green
586-TM, Blue-Green Variegated
586-T, Dark Green, Rainbow
588-T, Blue Green, Rainbow
588, Dark Olive Variegated
598-T, Amethyst, Rainbow
598-TM, Deep Lavender Transp. Matte
605, Gray Pearl
605-AB, Gray Rainbow
612, White Pearl
614, Off White
652, Ivory, Pearl
691, Pink
692, Pink Pearl
695, Lavender Iridescent
695-AB, Dark Lavender Pearl
712, White lined
769-T, Purple, Lined
798, Clear Lavender
812, Metallic Silver
852, Metallic Light Gold
854, Metallic Gold Bright
915, Platinum