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GB02Beads, Tri-Cut Seed Bead/hank /clr, $12.00
109/9-TC, Tri-Cut, Jet Black
244/9-TC, Tri-Cut, Ruby Red
246-9-TC, Tri-Cut, Garnet
283/11-TC, Tri-Cut, Leaf Green
299/9-TC, Tri-Cut, Deep Amethyst
346/9-TC, Tri-Cut, Luster Garnet Red
404/12-TC, Silver Lined
405/12-TC, Grey, Silver Lined
412/12-TC, Silver Lined
446/9-TC, Garnet Red
555/12-TC, Antique Gold (Bronze)
588/12-TC, Deep Emerald Variegated
588A/9-TC, Midnight Blue, Variegated
588B/9-TC, Dark Olive, Variegated
812/12-TC, Silver
812/13-TC, Silver